“Can we get on with this? I have someplace to go. [Pause] Television counts as a place.” (Daria 1.4)

Welcome to my blog about anything and everything related to television.

Why TV? Well, unlike the myriad of other media options, television transmits into your home 24/7 carrying a variety of programs that you may want, not want, or didn’t know you wanted. It can reveal new worlds or show a reflection of your own. While novels, movies, and music are special and awesome in their own right, television offers viewers the ability to follow along with stories that unfold for hours and even over years. I’m not saying that all television is good, because it isn’t, but when it is good it has the power elicit a wide range of emotions and enjoyment, and that is why I keep turning it on and talking about it.

*In case you were wondering, the title of this blog is a reference to the speech given by Newton N. Minow in 1961; however, it is meant to be mostly ironic.

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