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The 2012 Halloween Episode Rundown

Trick or Treat! Halloween is almost here, which of course means it’s time for your favorite characters to get all dressed up for this season’s Halloween episodes. To help plan out your fall-holiday viewing, here’s a rundown of upcoming Halloween specials: ABC Family’s annual 13 Nights of Halloween kicks off this Friday, October 19th. Special … Continue reading

Rambling About Reality TV

I wouldn’t qualify myself as a reality TV junkie but I watch my fair share of shows that have no redeeming value, showcase incredibly talented people, or simply pit people against each other for a large cash prize. Although I’ve been a dedicated follower of MTV’s Road Rules and subsequent Real World / Road Rules … Continue reading

CSI: Evidence of Grissom

For all those CSI: Las Vegas fans out there, I would recommend tuning in this Thursday (2/3/11) for what appears to be a great episode focusing on the Sara / Grissom relationship. Reliable online sources – and are also reporting that William Petersen, Gil Grissom himself should be popping up at some point … Continue reading