Hurricane Sandy Is Coming – Take Shelter With Some TV

Daria! Musical Storm EpisodeFrankenstorm coming your way? Assuming you have power and/or the Internet, why not wait out the storm with some of your favorite TV characters who are likewise feeling the effects of mother nature’s fury.

After all, the Weather Channel isn’t the only place you can find tornadoes, hurricanes, meteor showers, blizzards, and earthquakes on TV.

But seriously, I do recommend occasionally checking to see what’s actually going on with the Frankenstorm.

Episodes of Bad Weather

Daria “Daria!” 3×1 (The Musical Episode) – The town of Lawndale braces itself for a bad rain storm and to make matters worse, Daria and Jane find themselves trapped on the school roof with Brittany and Kevin as the weather turns south.

The O.C. “The Shake Up” 4×14 and “The Night Moves” 4×15 – An untimely earthquake ruins Taylor’s 19th Birthday and the Cooper, Cohen, and Roberts clan find themselves in varying degrees of peril.

Dawson’s Creek “The Two Gentlemen of Capeside” 4×3 – Pacey and Jen go sailing, apparently without checking the weather first because next thing they know, they are in the middle of a storm. Lucky for them Dawson and Joey come to their rescue.

Smallville “Tempest” 1×21 & “Vortex” 2×1, also “Commencement” 4×22 & “Arrival” 5×1 – Clark Kent spends a lot of time keeping Smallville and Metropolis safe from the never ending parade of bad guys and misunderstood kryptonite-infected citizens, but that isn’t all he has to deal with. A swarm of tornadoes touch down during Spring Prom at the end of season one and a meteor shower disrupts Graduation Day at the end of season four.

Jericho “Fallout” (1×2) & “Four Horesemen” (1×3) – Rain isn’t typically a problem, unless of course you’re worried about fallout from a nuclear blast. The residents of Jericho have just a short time to get everyone safely indoors before the storm from Denver hits; however, only one of the fallout shelters is actually suitable for people, which is bad news for the other half of the town that gets turned away.

Family Guy “Seahorse Seashell Party” (10×2)/ American Dad! “Hurricane!” (7×2)/ The Cleveland Show “The Hurricane” (3×2) – A hurricane becomes a catalyst for a super crossover event between all three of Seth MacFarlane’s Animation Domination series.

Greek “Midnight Clear” (4×7) – Another Birthday ruined by bad weather. Calvin’s party turns from a fun night to an awkward and unpleasant gathering when the gang gets snowed in at Doblers. Alcohol isn’t the only thing freely flowing as truths and confessions begin to pour out.

Cougar Town “Down South” (3×11) – As residents of Florida, the cul-de-sac crew knows how to wait out a hurricane, with lots and lots of wine of course!

Desperate Housewives “Something’s Coming” (4×9) & “Welcome to Kanagawa” (4×10) – If you’d like to take your mind off of hurricanes, here’s another Tornado themed twofer. The residents of Wisteria Lane find their lives and neighborhood turned upside down when the twisters touch down.

Modern Family “Earthquake” (2×3) – An earthquake only ups the funny-quotient at the Dunphy and Pritchett households as Claire finds herself trapped in the bathroom and Mitchell and Cam exaggerate its effects to get out of brunch with their  friend Pepper.

Pretty Little Liars “The Perfect Storm” (1×9) – The good news for Spencer, Aria, Hanna, and Emily is that a violent storm postpones the SATs, the bad news is that they are instead stuck in the school all day with their classmates, parents, and of course “A”.

Some of these episodes may be available online, be sure to check Hulu Plus or Netflix streaming. You may also want to browse through your own DVD collection for these episodes and other shows or movies about bad weather. And if I left anything out, please leave it in the comment section since you already know what I’ll be doing as long as the lights are on.


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