NBC Adds To Season 3 of Parenthood

NBC just extended Parenthood‘s season three to 18 episodes. While that’s not a typical 22-episode order, the addition of two episodes just three weeks into the current TV season is certainly a showing of good faith.

Parenthood is loosely based off the 1989 movie of the same name starring Steve Martin, but the series was reconceived by Jason Katims, of Friday Night Lights fame. Katims involvement alone should be enough of a reason to watch this show, but it also stars some pretty great actors including Peter Krause, Lauren Graham, Mae Whitman, and Craig T. Nelson just to name a few.

And while NBC’s Parenthood is defined as a drama it certainly finds the right mix of humor and lightheartedness to make it one of those rare feel-good shows that still manages to reflect real life. So yeah, I am totally recommending that you check this series out.

Although it’s not essential to watch the last two seasons to understand what’s going on, I always recommend it. But if you don’t have time to completely catch up, here’s some essential episodes I recommend watching:NBC Parenthood Season 3

  • “Pilot” 1.1
  • “The Situation” 1.5
  • “Solace” 1.11
  • “Team Braverman” 1.12
  • “Lost & Found” 1.13
  • “Date Night” 2.4
  • “Seven Names” 2.7
  • “Put Yourself Out There” 2.9
  • “Opening Night” 2.13
  • “Just Go Home” 2.15
  • “Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew’s Therapist” 2.17
  • “Qualities and Difficulties” 2.18
  • “Slipping Away” 2.21
  • “Hard Times Come Again No More” 2.22

Parenthood airs on NBC at 10pm on Tuesdays. The last five episodes of the current season are always available on Hulu.com and the first two seasons can be found on DVD.

[via Deadline]


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