An Awkward. Interview

In anticipation of Awkward.‘s first season finale, which airs tonight at 11pm, chatted with the show’s creator, Lauren Iungerich, about love triangles, the letter, and the show’s 30min length.

Coming into tonight’s special one-hour episode there’s a lot of unanswered questions, but as Iungerich teases, some decisions and resolutions will be mMTV's Awkward. ade. Not all of course, I’m sure some of it will be saved for season two.

In the interview, Iungerich also touches on the Matty – Jake – Jenna triangle. Love geometric shapes are pretty much staples on TV shows, especially ones based in high school but I have to give Awkward. credit for creating two male suitors that are both nice guys. They each bring something different to the table but not in a polar opposite kind of way. Gone are the stereotypical sweet shy guys and bad boy counterparts.

The author of Jenna’s care-frontation letter also remains a mystery and although I’ve seen every episode of Veronica Mars I have no idea who wrote it. Ming is my best guess, mostly based on process of elimination but I suppose I’ll have to wait and see. In this interview and others, Iungerich has said that the answer would be revealed this season, which only leaves tonight.

Lastly Awkward.‘s creator addressed the constant wish for longer episodes. Initially I was on that bandwagon, mostly because I’m convinced that anything airing on MTV is really only like 15mins long but The AVClub’s Myles McNutt made a good point. It’s quick pacing and rapid fire dialogue may be less effective when stretched out to fill an hour.

Iungerich essentially says the same thing but includes this message to Awkward. hungry fans, “…Write the network and tell them to give us more episodes. They should give us a bigger order. If they give us a bigger order, then I could give them more episodes.”



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