Internet Essentials for a TV Fan

Not only do I watch a lot of television but I also spend a significant time online reading, watching, investigating, and discussing television. Although there are tons of sites that feature similar information or can revolve around the television industry I have a core few that I am loyal to.

Find TV Online

If you’re like me and still live in the television “stone age”, getting by without digital cable or some kind of DVR then the TV Guide is still your best option to figure out what is on when you’re not already locked into an overbooked evening of programming. Unfortunately for me my cable subscriber, the always evil, Comcast has continually made the TV Guide channel more and more useless. It only shows like one channel at a time and proceeds to run through many of the higher channels we don’t even have.

  • Solution: Maybe this is a no brainer but the same information from the channel is available in a much quicker and easier to scroll through format. Although the website also provides recaps and some other new items I find the recaps to be barely more than the episode summary found on the listings and the news items usually appear on other websites first.

I also enjoy reading news pertaining to TV and other entertainment genres such as literature, film and music.  Mostly I like reading about industry or behind the scenes matters but the occasional celebrity interview, film review, or miscellaneous new item can be a fun read too.

Yes I actually read recaps for episodes and shows that I have already watched. Why you might ask, because it can be fun and can unveil new layers of meaning.

  • Solution: Television Without Pity is hilarious and provides more than just a detailed recap but a whole new life to an episode regardless of whether it was good or bad upon initial viewing. Full of snark and cynicism or praise, the recaps fulfill my daily need for sarcasm and have actually made me laugh at loud which may look a bit insane when you are just sitting down reading something on your computer.

Spoilers anyone? If you are dying to know what happens next or become an addict like myself then hours can easily be lost google-ing anything you can think of related to the show or episode in question. Thankfully I found a site that complies all of these spoilers for many current popular shows and provides the goods.

  • Solution: Unless your already a spoiler fiend don’t go there. Although it can be fun to find out what’s next it also can detract from the overall viewing experience.

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